St. Patrick's Residence Chapel


Project Description:
New Construction

The Carmelite Sisters for the aged and infirm wanted to emphasize the religious aspect of their care for the elderly. Unable to provide a chapel when the facility was constructed, the Sister’s wanted to create a special place of worship for the residents. The project involved careful attention to detail with meticulously crafted wood trusses and beams, erected in a confined space. Mazur+Son was selected to create the “Jewel Box” addition, a phrase coined by the architect. All of these components required Mazur+Son’s team of professionals to be extremely cautious as the work was executed directly adjacent to the occupied elder care facility.

projects_new_st_patrick_chapel projects_new_st_patrick_chapel_2

“Mazur’s staff displayed extreme professionalism in the care and attention given to the elderly resident’s who were impacted on a personal level by the renovations.”

Sister Anthony Veilleux, Administrative Director